Scheda n. Autore Titolo Anno Paese Lingua
3 Hill, John The Actor: A Treatise on the Art of Playing 1750 GBR ENG
8 Churchill, Charles The Rosciad. By the Author 1761 GBR ENG
9 Archer, William Masks or Faces? A Study in the Psychology of Acting 1888 GBR ENG
17 Austin, Gilbert Chironomia; or a Treatise on Rhetorical Delivery 1806 GBR ENG
24 Boswell, James On the Profession of a Player. Three Essays by James Boswell 1929 GBR ENG
25 Shaftesbury, Edmund Lessons in the Art of Acting 1889 USA ENG
27 Cibber, Colley An Apology for the Life of Mr. Colley Cibber 1740 [7 aprile] GBR ENG
28 Gildon, Charles The Life of Mr. Thomas Betterton 1710 GBR ENG
29 Burgh, James The Art of Speaking 1761 GBR ENG
33 Pickering, Roger Reflections upon Theatrical Expression in Tragedy: With a proper Introduction, and Appendix 1755 GBR ENG
42 Garcia, Gustave The Actor's Art 1882 GBR ENG
57 Fitzgerald, Percy Hetherington The Art of Acting. In Connection with the Study of Character, the Spirit of Comedy and Stage Illusion 1892 GBR ENG
73 Garrick, David An Essay on Acting: In which will be Consider'd the Mimical Behaviour of a Certain Fashionable Faulty Actor 1744 GBR ENG
81 Smith, Charles William The Actor's Art: its Requisites, and How to Obtain Them; its Defects and How to Remove Them 1867 GBR ENG
82 The Thespian Preceptor; or A Full Display of the Scenic Art 1810 GBR ENG
84 Grant, George An Essay on the Science of Acting. By a Veteran Stager 1828 GBR ENG
87 The Theatrical Speaker; or an Elucidation of the Whole Science of Acting 1807 GBR ENG
107 Foote, Samuel A Treatise on the Passions, So far as they regard the Stage 1747 GBR ENG
109 Hammerton, John Alexander [Sir] The Actor's Art. Theatrical Reminiscences. Methods of Study and Advice to Aspirants 1897 GBR ENG
126 Cook, Edward Dutton On the Stage: Studies of Theatrical History and the Actor's Art 1883 GBR ENG
155 Macready, William Charles Macready's Reminiscences, and Selections from his Diaries and Letters 1875 USA ENG
160 Irving, Henry The Drama. Addresses by Henry Irving 1892 GBR ENG
173 Cooke, William The Elements of Dramatic Criticism. Containing An Analysis of the Stage 1775 GBR ENG
176 Barber, Jonathan A Practical Treatise on Gesture, chiefly abstracted from Austin's Chironomia 1831 USA ENG
181 Le Faucheur, Michel An Essay upon the Action of an Orator; as to his Pronunciation and Gesture 1680? GBR ENG
188 Lewes, George Henry On Actors and the Art of Acting 1875 DEU ENG
192 Jones, Stanley The Actor and his Art. Some Considerations of the present Condition of the Stage 1899 GBR ENG
213 Chetwood, William Rufus A General History of the Stage 1749 GBR ENG
215 Lloyd, Robert The Actor. A Poetical Epistle to Bonnell Thornton, Esq; 1760 GBR ENG
219 Churchill, Charles The Apology. Addressed to the Critical Reviewers. By C. Churchill 1761 GBR ENG