Autore Titolo Anno Paese Lingua
Tosi, Pier Francesco Observations on the Florid Song, or, Sentiments on the Ancient and Modern Singers 1742 GBR ENG
Garrick, David An Essay on Acting: In which will be Consider'd the Mimical Behaviour of a Certain Fashionable Faulty Actor 1744 GBR ENG
An Essay on the Theatres: or, the Art of Acting. In imitation of Horace's Art of Poetry 1744 GBR ENG
Hill, Aaron The Art of Acting 1746 GBR ENG
Foote, Samuel A Treatise on the Passions, So far as they regard the Stage 1747 GBR ENG
An Examen of the New Comedy Call'd The Suspicious Husband 1747 GBR ENG
A Letter of Compliment To the ingenious Author of a Treatise on the Passions 1747 GBR ENG
Dubos, Jean-Baptiste Critical Reflections on Poetry, Painting and Music. With An Inquiry into the Rise and Progress of the Theatrical Entertainments of the Ancients 1748 GBR ENG
Chetwood, William Rufus A General History of the Stage 1749 GBR ENG
Hill, John The Actor: A Treatise on the Art of Playing 1750 GBR ENG
Le Faucheur, Michel An Essay upon Pronunciation and Gesture 1750 GBR ENG
Cibber, Theophilus The Lives and Characters Of the most Eminent Actors and Actresses of Great Britain and Ireland, from Shakespear to the Present Time 1753 GBR ENG
The Present State of the Stage, in Great-Britain and Ireland 1753 GBR ENG
Hill, Aaron An Essay on the Art of Acting 1753 GBR ENG
Hill, Aaron The Actor's Epitome 1753 GBR ENG
Hogarth, William The Analysis of Beauty 1753 GBR ENG
An Essay on the Stage; or, The Art of Acting. A Poem 1754 GBR ENG
Riccoboni, Luigi A General History of the Stage, from its Origin 1754 GBR ENG
Macklin, Charles The Art and Duty of an Actor 1754* GBR ENG
Pickering, Roger Reflections upon Theatrical Expression in Tragedy: With a proper Introduction, and Appendix 1755 GBR ENG
Cibber, Theophilus An Epistle from Mr. Theophilus Cibber to David Garrick, Esq 1755 GBR ENG
Cibber, Theophilus Dissertations on Theatrical Subjects 1756 GBR ENG
Cibber, Theophilus Cibber's Two Dissertations on the Theatres. With an Appendix, in Three Parts 1756? GBR ENG
Cibber, Theophilus Theophilus Cibber, to David Garrick, Esq; With Dissertations on Theatrical Subjects 1759 GBR ENG
Wilkes, Thomas A General View of the Stage. By Mr. Wilkes 1759 GBR, IRL ENG
Ward, John A System of Oratory 1759 GBR ENG
Lloyd, Robert The Actor. A Poetical Epistle to Bonnell Thornton, Esq; 1760 GBR ENG
An Estimate of the Theatrical Merits of the two Tragedians of Crow Street 1760 IRL ENG
Churchill, Charles The Rosciad. By the Author 1761 GBR ENG
Burgh, James The Art of Speaking 1761 GBR ENG