Author Ayres, Alfred
Title Acting and Actors, Elocution and Elocutionists
Publishing Location New York
Year 1894
Publisher D. Appleton & Company
Edition I
Number of Pages in-8, 287
Publishing Country USA
Publishing Language ENG

Alfred Ayres = pseudonym of Thomas Embley Osmun.
COMPLETE TITLE: Acting and Actors, Elocution and Elocutionists. A Book about Theater Folk and Theater Art by Alfred Ayres, Author of the Ortho√ępist, the Verbalist, the Essentials of Elocution, the Mentor, etc. With Preface by Harrison Gray Fiske, Introduction by Edgar S. Werner, Prologue by James A. Waldron.

Second edition "with supplement": New York, D. Appleton, 1894 and 1903.
Online text: HATHI TRUST


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