Author Weaver, John
Title Anatomical and Mechanical Lectures upon Dancing
Publishing Location London
Year 1721
Publisher Printed for J. Brotherton, and W. Meadows [et al.]
Edition I
Number of Pages in-8, 156
Publishing Country GBR
Publishing Language ENG

COMPLETE TITLE: Anatomical and Mechanical Lectures upon Dancing. Wherein Rules and Institutions for that Art are laid down and demonstrated. As they were read at the Academy in Chancery Lane. By John Weaver, Dancing Master.
Printed for J. Brotherton, and W. Meadows, at the Black Ball in Cornhill; J. Graves, near White's Chocolate House in St. James's Street; and W. Chetwood, at Cato's Head in Russel Street, Covent Garden.

Treatise on the anatomy of the body in movement: the teaching of dance is based on the study of anatomy.

The text is included in: Ralph Richard, The Life and Works of John Weaver, New York, Dance Horizons; London, Dance Books, 1985, 861-1031. The volume includes a short biography of Weaver, a study of his theatrical productions, a critical study of his publications, and a facsimile reproduction of all his published works.


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