Author Bulwer, John
Title Anthropometamorphosis: Man Transform'd; or, The Artificial Changeling
Publishing Location London
Year 1650
Publisher Printed for J. Hardesty
Edition I
Number of Pages in-12, 263
Publishing Country GBR
Publishing Language ENG

COMPLETE TITLE: Anthropometamorphosis: Man Transform'd; or, The Artificial Changeling: Historically presented, in the Mad and Cruel Gallantry, Foolish Bravery, Ridiculous Beauty, Filthy Finenesse, and Loathsome Lovelinesse of most Nations, fashioning and altering their Bodies from the Mould intended by Nature. With a Vindication of the Regular Beauty and Honesty of Nature. And an Appendix of the Pedigree of the English Gallant. By J.B. Sirnamed, The Chirosopher.

This first edition, in duodecimo, is divided into 23 sections with no illustrations. At least 15 out of 23 sections are dedicated to deformations or modifications of the head and face.
Bulwer presents a compendium of the aesthetic interventions on the human body of the time – from tatoos, to mutilations, to piercing, to cosmetics – with the goal of comparing costumes and habits in different nations and races and evidencing the similarities.

Second edition: London, Printed by William Hunt, 1653 (in-4, 559 pp.). Edition revised, enlarged and illustrated with woodcuts.

Third edition (reissue of the second edition with a new title): A View of the People of the whole World: or, A Short Survey of their Policies, Dispositions, Naturall Deportments, Complexions, Ancient and Moderne Customes, Manners, Habits and Fashions. A Worke every where adorned with Philosophicall, Morall and Historicall Observations on the Occasions of their Mutations and Changes throughout All Ages. For the Readers greater delight Figures are annexed to most of the Relations. Scripsit J.B. Cognomento Chirosophus, M.D., London, printed by William Hunt, 1654 (see).


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