Author Bulwer, John
Title Chirologia: or The Naturall Language of the Hand ... Whereunto is added, Chironomia: Or, the Art of Manual Rethoricke
Publishing Location London
Year 1644
Publisher Thomas Harper
Edition I
Number of Pages in-8, 187 + 146
Publishing Country GBR
Publishing Language ENG

COMPLETE TITLE: Chirologia: or The Naturall Language of the Hand: Composed of the Speaking Motions, and Discoursing Gestures thereof. Whereunto is added Chironomia: Or, the Art of Manuall Rhetoricke. Consisting of the Naturall Expressions, digested by Art in the Hand, as the chiefest Instrument of Eloquence, by Historicall Manifesto's, exemplified out of the Authentique Registers of Common Life, and Civill Conversation. With Types, or Chyrograms: a long-wish'd for Illustration of this Argument. By J.B. Gent. Philochirosophus.
Printed by Thomas Harper and are to be sold by Henry Twyford.
Copies exist with the bookseller indicated as "R. Whitaker" (for the first part) and "Richard Whitaker" (for the second one).

The treatise, in one volume divided into two parts, describes the language of the hands conformingly to the laws of nature and offers useful considerations for preachers, teachers, lawyers. The second part, Chironomia: Or, the Art of Manuall Rhetorique, which has independent title, date, and page numbers, was never published separately.
Bulwer discusses facial expressions in Pathomyotomia, published in 1649 (see).

Second edition: London, Printed by T. H. [Thomas Harper] and are to be sold by Fran. Tyton at his shop in Fleetstreet at the 3 daggers, 1648.

Chirologia: or the Natural Language of the Hand, and, Chironomia: Or, the Art of Manual Rhetoric. Edited by James W. Cleary. Foreword by David Potter, Landmarks in Rhetoric and Public Address, Carbondale & Edwardsville, Southern Illinois University Press; London & Amsterdam, Feffer & Simons, 1973 and 1974.

Reprints of the first edition:
- New York, AMS Press, 1975 (With a new introduction by H. R. Gillis).
- Whitefish, Kessinger Publishing, [2003/2004].

Reprint of the edition of 1648: Bristol, Thoemmes, 2003 (The elocutionary movement. Ed. selection by Carol Poster, Vol. 1).


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