Author Riccoboni, Luigi
Title Dell'arte rappresentativa. Capitoli sei
Publishing Location Londra
Year 1728
Edition I
Number of Pages 60
Publishing Country GBR
Publishing Language ITA

Introductive dedication to Lord Chesterfield, and a preface to the reader entitled Ai lettori in which Riccoboni says he has read Della poesia rappresentativa e del modo di rappresentare le favole sceniche by Ingegneri (see), but has been disappointed by it because it provides no indications for actors. He therefore presents L'arte rappresentativa as the first work on this subject. Six "chapters" in rhymed verse follow.
It is the work that inaugurates the emotionalist tendency in eighteenth-century treatises, later taken up by Luigi Riccoboni, in Pensées sur la déclamation (see), and then by Rémond de Sainte-Albine in Le Comédien (see). The first seminal criticism of the emotionalist theories of L'arte rappresentativa is found in L'art du théâtre (see) by François Riccoboni, the son of Luigi.

Dell'arte rappresentativa was discussed by Pierre-François Guyot-Desfontaines in the Lettre d'un Comédien François au Sujet de l'Histoire du Théâtre Italien écrite par M. Riccoboni, dit Lelio of 1728 (see) (the exam of L'Arte rappresentativa in the second part of the Lettre, follows upon  the review of Historie du Théâtre Italien) and Jean-Baptiste Rousseau in the Lettre de Monsieur Rousseau à Monsieur Riccoboni (see). Riccoboni replied to Guyot-Desfontaines with the Lettre écrite au sujet de la Critique du Comédien François sur l'Histoire du Théâtre Italien de Mr. Riccoboni (see), and to  Rousseau with Réponse de Monsieur Riccoboni à la lettre de Monsieur Rousseau (see).

Another author, Levesque de la Ravallière, attacks Dell'Arte rappresentativa in the Essay de Comparaison entre la Declamation et la Poesie Dramatique (see), declaring rather dismissingly that it "is of no importance".

Second edition "riveduta, e corretta": Londra, 1728.

Reprints of the second edition: 
- Torino, Bottega d'Erasmo, 1968.
- Bologna, Forni , 1979.

Dell'arte rappresentativa, ed. by Valentina Gallo, Les savoirs des acteurs italiens, Collection numérique dirigée par Andrea Fabiano, Paris, 2006, pp. 51-81.
Online text: PDF

French: Dell'arte rappresentativa, in L'expérience théâtrale dans l'oeuvre théorique de Luigi Riccoboni. Contribution à l'histoire du théâtre au XVIIIe siècle. Suivie de la traduction et l'édition critique de "Dell'arte rappresentativa" de Luigi Riccoboni, ed. by Sarah Di Bella, Paris, H. Champion; Genève, Slatkine, 2009 (see) (revised version of the Ph.D. dissertation presented to the Université de Paris X, Nanterre, in 2004). Enclosed the italian version of Dell'arte rappresentativa followed by the French translation with comments.


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