Author Riccoboni, Luigi
Title Des Herrn Ludewig Riccoboni Geschichte der italiänischen Schaubühne
Publishing Location Berlin
Year 1754
Publisher Christian Friederich Voss
Number of Pages vol. II, 135-214
Publishing Country DEU
Publishing Language GER

Translation of Histoire du Théâtre Italien (see) edited by Lessing.
Online text: GOOGLE BOOKS

Also to be mentioned is the collection of the works and writings by Lessing, Lessings Werke, in 25 volumes edited by Julius Petersen and Waldemar von Olshausen in collaboration with Karl Borinski, (Berlin, Bong, 1925). The collection includes an introduction and the notes of the two editors and a complete index of the works of Lessing. Anastatic reprint of the collection: Lessing Gotthold Ephraim, Werke. Vollständige Ausgabe in fünfundzwanzig Teilen, Hildesheim, Olms, 1970. The translation of Riccoboni's work is in volume 10, pp. 266-305.

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