Author Riccoboni, Antoine-François
Title Die Schauspielkunst
Publishing Location
Year 1750
Publisher Metzler
Number of Pages 483-544
Publishing Country DEU
Publishing Language GER

German translation by G. E. Lessing of L'Art du Théâtre à Madame *** (see).
The translation was published in the fourth and last volume of the Beyträge, issues on theatrical studies published by Lessing in collaboration with his cousin Mylius (see).

Also to be noted is a review of Riccoboni's treatise published by Lessing in the Berlinische priviligierte Zeitung, July 23, 1750.

Die Schauspielkunst, Berlin, Henschel, 1954, introduction and notes by Gerhard Piens. The volume includes Auszüge aus Franz Riccobonis Vorschriften über die Kunst des Schauspielers, mit hinzugefügten Bemerkungen by Friedrich Ludwig Schröder (see).


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