Author Engel, Johann Jakob
Title Ideen zu einer Mimik
Publishing Location Berlin
Year 1785-1786
Publisher August Mylius
Edition I
Number of Pages 2 voll. (381; 314)
Publishing Country DEU
Publishing Language GER
Notes Online text: Vol. I - Vol. II For Engel acting is an art based, like science, upon observation, which consists primarily in the analysis of the outward signs of human behaviors. For Engel, as for Lessing, the actor is a creator because he is capable of building the external model that leads to the inner one. The “dispassionate” reproduction of the external manifestations of the passion allows the actor to acquire it through a process from the interior to the exterior. The treatise succeeds in providing a systematic codification of the art of acting, providing the actor with a repertoire of expressive possibilities based on the study of the passions. LATER EDITIONS: Ideen zu einer Mimik, vols. 1 and 2, in J. J. Engels sämmtliche Werke, vols. 5 and 6, Berlin, s.n., 1802 (2 vols. in 1). Online text: GOOGLE BOOKS - Berlin, Mylius, 1804, 2 vols. Also published in J. J. Engel's Schriften, vols. 7 and 8, Berlin, Mylius, 1804. Online text: Vol. VII - Vol. VIII Ideen zu einer Mimik. Mit 23 erläuternden Kupfertafeln, welche 39 Figuren enthalten, vol. 1; Ideen zu einer Mimik. Mit 11 erläuternden Kupfertafeln, welche die 40. bis 59. Figur enthalten, vol. 2, Reutlingen, J. J. Mackensche, 1804. Anastatic reprint: Wuppenau, E und A Verleger, 1994.   - Berlin, s.n., 1812. - Berlin, Mylius, 1844. RECENT EDITIONS: Reprints of the first edition: - Hildesheim, Olms, 1968, 2 vols. in 1. (Anastatic reprint) - Darmstadt, Wiss. Buchges, 1968, 2 vols. in 1. (Anastatic reprint) TRANSLATIONS: French: Idées sur le geste et l'action théâtrale; par M. Engel, de l'Académie Royale de Berlin; Suivies d'une Lettre du même Auteur sur la Peinture musicale. Le tout traduit de l'Allemand. Avec trente-quatre Planches, Paris, Barrois l'aîné; Strasbourg, Librairie Académique; La Haye, Van Cleef, 1788-1789 (see). Translation by H. Jansen. English: Practical Illustrations of Rhetorical Gesture and Action; Adapted to the English Drama: From a Work on the Subject by M. Engel, Member of the Royal Academy of Berlin. By Henry Siddons. Embellished with numerous Engravings, expressive of the various Passions, and representing the Modern Costume of the London Theatres, London, Printed for Richard Phillips, 1807 § 1264. Italian: Lettere intorno alla mimica di G. G. Engel. Versione dal tedesco di Giovanni Rasori. Aggiuntovi i capitoli sei sull'Arte rappresentativa di L. Riccoboni, Milano, Giovanni Pirotta, 1818-1819 (see).«Lettere sulla mimica. Introduzione, traduzione e note di Lucia Sabatano», Acting Archives Review, III, no. 6 (November, 2013), 291-643 (see). Catalan: Idees sobre el gest i l'acció teatral. Traducció de Joan Segalés. Presentació i edició a cura de Jaume Mascaró Pons, Barcelona, Institut del Teatre, Diputació de Barcelona, 1998 (see). Dutch: De kunst van nabootzing door gebaarden, Haarlem, J. van Walré, 1790 (see). Translation by J. Konijnenburg. The first 25 letters were translated into Spanish and published in the journal Espíritu de los mejores diarios literarios que se publican en Europa, from n. 195 of August 24, 1789, to n. 258 of November 8, 1790, all of them with the title «Carta sobre el gesto, la pantomima y la acción teatral». Online text: BNE - Hemeroteca Digital


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