Author Bérard, Jean-Antoine
Title L'Art du Chant, dedié à Madame de Pompadour par M. Bérard
Publishing Location Paris
Year 1755
Publisher Desaint et Saillant; Prault fils, Lambert
Edition I
Number of Pages in-8, 158
Publishing Country FRA
Publishing Language FRE

The work is in three parts, which deal with the use of the voice in singing, with articulation and pronunciation, with the correct intonation and expression. The volume contains also a selection of arias that can be used to train the voice.

The autorship of the work was claimed by Jean Blanchet in the Avertissement of L'Art, ou Les Principes Philosophiques du Chant (1756), second edition of L'Art du Chant with a new title.

L'Art, ou Les Principes Philosophiques du Chant: par M. Blanchet. IIe Edition, corrigée & augmentée, Paris, Chez Augustin-Martin Lottin, Michel Lambert, Nicolas Bon. Duchesne, 1756 (see).

Reprint of the first edition: Genève, Minkoff Reprints, 1972 and 1984. (Facsimile)


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