Author Shaftesbury, Edmund
Title Lessons in the Art of Acting
Publishing Location Washington D.C.
Year 1889
Publisher The Martyn College Press
Edition I
Number of Pages CXLIV-283
Publishing Country USA
Publishing Language ENG

COMPLETE TITLE: Lessons in the Art of Acting. A Practical and Thorough work for all persons who aim to become Professional Actors; And for all Readers and Orators who desire to make use of the power of Dramatic Expression, which is the True Element of Success in the Pulpit, at the Bar, and on the Platform. This Book Contains: 1. All the Oratorical and Elocutionary Gestures. 2. The entire code of Dramatic Action. 3. 106 Dramatic Attitudes. 4. The Meanings of every movement of the Body, and of every form of Vocal Expression. 5. Stage Rules; Stage Setting; Stage Business; Line Acting; Counterpart Acting; and "Starring." Complete in One Volume, by Edmund Shaftesbury, Author of "Voice Culture;" "Emphasis;" "Facial Expression;" "Deep Breathing;" "Personal Magnetism;" "Grace and Deportment;" "Extemporaneous Speaking".
AUTHOR: Edmund Shaftesbury = pseudonym of Albert Webster Edgerly (1852-1926).
Online text: HATHI TRUST

Contains black-and-white illustrations.


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