Author Archer, William
Title Masks or Faces? A Study in the Psychology of Acting
Publishing Location London and New York
Year 1888
Publisher Longmans, Green, and Co.
Edition I
Number of Pages in-8, 232
Publishing Country GBR
Publishing Language ENG

Commissioned by Longman's Magazine and originally published as an article entitled «The Anatomy of Acting» (January, February and March 1888),  the essay seeks to investigate the theories expressed by Diderot in  the Paradoxe sur le comédien (see) (translated in English in 1883 (see)). The appendix contains a survey in English and French - Questions on the Art of Acting, Formulated on Behalf of the Editor of 'Longmans' Magazine,' by William Archer - the answers to which were supplied by the "leading actors and actresses of the day" and which form the basis of the text.

Reprinted in: The Paradox of Acting by Denis Diderot and Masks or Faces? by William Archer. Introduction by Lee Strasberg, New York, Hill and Wang, 1957, 1963, 1965 and 1967.

Reprint of the first edition: s.l., Obscure Books, 2009. (Facsimile)

File pdf Masks or Faces - A Study in the Psychology of Acting - 1888


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