Author Riccoboni, Luigi
Title Pensées sur la déclamation
Publishing Location Paris
Year 1738
Publisher Briasson; la veuve Delormel; Prault
Edition I
Number of Pages in-8, 4 + 47
Publishing Country FRA
Publishing Language FRE

The treatise is also found in the appendix to the Réflexions Historique et Critiques sur les Differens Théâtres de l'Europe (see) published in the same year and translated into English in 1741 with the title An Historical and Critical Account of the Theatres in Europe (see).

In his Pensées, Riccoboni makes emotional participation the key to the art of declamation, which is conceived as the result of an impulse dictated by the soul, not as mere technique. Interiority, rather than a pre-established code, is the source of all the words, gestures, actions of the subject who recites.

Published in: Sabine Chaouche (ed. by), Sept traités sur le jeu du comédien et autres textes. De l'action oratoire à l'art dramatique (1675-1750), Paris, Honoré Champion, 2001.


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