Author Poisson, Jean
Title Réflexions sur l'Art de parler en public
Publishing Location
Year 1717
Number of Pages in-8, 36
Publishing Country FRA
Publishing Language FRE

COMPLETE TITLE: Réflexions sur l'Art de parler en public. Par M. Poisson, Comédien de Sa Majesté le Roi de Pologne, et Electeur de Saxe.
Attributed to Jean Poisson, who belonged to an illustrious family of actors.

Revised version of an article published by the author himself in Histoire des ouvrages des savants eight years before and entitled "Quelques Réflexions sur l'Art de parler en public" (see).

In the treatise, Poisson argues that the art of speaking in public should not be based on the use of a pre-established and highly codified system of signs, but on sensibility which, while guided through techniques that allow speakers to overcome internal blocks and regulate the intensity of their emotional response, remains the sole force that controls the words and gestures of the subject.

Published in: Sabine Chaouche (ed. by), Sept traités sur le jeu du comédien et autres textes. De l'action oratoire à l'art dramatique (1675-1750), Paris, Honoré Champion, 2001.


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