Author Riccoboni, Luigi
Title Reflections upon Declamation; or, The Art of Speaking in Publick
Publishing Location London
Year 1741
Publisher Printed for T. Cooper
Number of Pages in-8, 333
Publishing Country GBR
Publishing Language ENG

COMPLETE TITLE: Reflections upon Declamation;or, The Art of Speaking in Publick: with an Historical and Critical Account of the Theatres in Europe. Viz. The Italian, Spanish, French, English, Dutch, Flemish, and German Theatres. In which is contained a Review of the Manner, Persons, and Character, of the Actors. Intermix'd, with many Curious Dissertations upon the Drama. By the famous Lewis Ricoboni, of the Italian Theatre at Paris.

Translation of Réflexions historiques et critiques sur les différents théâtres de l'Europe avec les Pensées sur la Déclamation by Luigi Riccoboni (see).


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