Author Macklin, Charles
Title The Art and Duty of an Actor
Publishing Location
Year 1754*
Number of Pages
Publishing Country GBR
Publishing Language ENG
Macklins' notes for a lecture on the history of the theatre and acting at the British Inquisition, a sort of academy founded by Macklin in London, Hart Street, in 1754. Macklin developed his theory of acting in The Science of Acting, but the manuscript of the work was lost in a shipwreck in 1771.
The Art and Duty of an Actor was then published by James Thomas Kirkman in his biography of Macklin: Memoirs of the Life of Charles Macklin, Esq., 2 vols., London, Printed for Lackington, Allen and Co., 1799, vol. I, pp. 362-365 (see).

Italian: L'arte e il compito dell'attore, in Maria Chiara Barbieri, La pagina e la scena. L'attore inglese nella trattatistica del ‘700, Firenze, Le Lettere, 2006, p. 215 (see).


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