Author Cibber, Theophilus
Title Theophilus Cibber, to David Garrick, Esq; With Dissertations on Theatrical Subjects
Publishing Location London
Year 1759
Publisher Printed for W. Reeves and J. Phipps
Number of Pages in-8, 112
Publishing Country GBR
Publishing Language ENG

COMPLETE TITLE: Theophilus Cibber, to David Garrick, Esq; With Dissertations on Theatrical Subjects. I. Of Poets and Actors, their Antiquity, and Estimation; particularly among the Greeks and Romans: Acting of Plays encouraged by the greatest Men in all Ages. II. Socrates, Epaminondas, Caesar, Scipio, Brutus, Cicero, &c. Promoters of Dramatic Compositions, Encouragers of Actors, &c. III. The Apostles no Enemies to Plays: Quotations from Holy Writ, and of some Modern Divines in their favour. History of Patents and Licences, from Queen Elizabeth's Time to the Present, chiefly granted in favour of the Actors. IV. Good conduct of Patentees: Pantomimes exploded; the ill Usage of Authors considered. V. Some New and Revived Pieces reviewed. The New Manner of Acting pointed out. An Account of Drolls, Farces, Mock Opera's, &c. Extracted from Shakespear's multilated and macerated Remains, by the Little Charlatan of the Present Stage. VI. The Rehearsal versed, Mimicry an abuse; Specimens of Modern Genteel Comedy. Ditto of Modern Tragedy. VII. The Mew Manner of Acting the Chances, and the Morals of that Play enquired into. VIII. Seneca, Callipedes, and a reigning Actor, compared. The cause of Spouters, &c. Adorn'd with a Frontispiece, and curious Copper-plates.

Includes the Epistle from Mr. Theophilus Cibber to David Garrick, Esq. published in 1755 (see) and the Dissertations on Theatrical Subjects of 1756 (see). The text contains a portrait of the author in the role of Ancient Pistol in Henry V.


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