It is possible to search for the treatise files by title, by author, by language or country of publication and by year or time periods. It is also possible to carry out a search by associating these items, ie requesting multiple entries at the same time to perform a combined search.



When the search is complete, the system indicates the number of files found and, for each file, title, year of publication and author: clicking on the title opens the detailed description of the work.
In the presence of a file related to a work, by clicking on the author's name you get a list of all the author's files. The same operation can be performed by clicking on the indication of the year, language or country of publication.



The indication of the year usually shows the date of publication. When it is followed by an asterisk (for example, 1585 *, or 1580-1590 *) it shows instead the date, true or presumed, in which the work was composed. Information on this is provided in the "Notes" field of the file.